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Humain Rights Center for Momory & Archives

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Who We Are ?

Our mission

Our mission

In many countries of the world, secret prisons, checkpoints, places of detention and torture are hidden and even their traces are destroyed. In fact, the memory of the victims of serious human rights violations in these sites, especially women and girls, is marginalized. Certainly,erasing this past / present, will prevent new generations from appropriating their Collective Memory and drawing important lessons from their past, so as not to repeat what happened and offer opportunities to build a future based on values ​​of justice and human rights.
To do this, the Human Rights Center for Memory and Archives, as a member of the International Coalition of Sites of Consciousness, seeks through this website to set up a virtual museum based on:

- Mapping places of massive human right violations, as Sites of Conscience;
- Promote the memory of the victims, particularly among women & young girls.

Notre mission

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