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Downstairs screaming: The political harem or when love suffocates in the corridors of hell

The Screaming of the Basement is wide pages of intertwined stories, in which stories of love and glowing longing intersect with narratives of politics, gallows, wars and genocide during the Italian occupation, and stories of departure and migration through the unknown and migration to the North in search of freedom. The narratives are juxtaposed, intertwined, to bear witness not only to the intentions but also to the impact they make.

In charming bright flashes, the novelist explores d. Fatima Al-Hajji[2] through the layers of the wounded Arabic name, the pain of screaming, specifically in the lower layers of the state and society in modern Libya. The characters of the novel meet on the gallows of darkness, swimming in the circles of wandering, through the paths of vast places and times, the size of all existence. It intersects in the times of the political present in modern Libya, with a past that extends to ancient and modern myths, so that eternal burning hopes and questions arise in politics, revolution and divinity, where fear, apprehension and anxiety are mixed with love and adoration at the same time.

They are tales of women from Libya, for whom love blazes in the corridors of the regime, but all of them end in tragic, bitter wails and the mourning of Karbalai's sad...

صراخ الطابق السفلي- الحريم السياسي أو عندما يختنق الحب في أروقة الجحيم
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